Anna & The Deeper Well

Anna & The Deeper Well is a Cincinnati-based band playing a mixture of blues, folk, jazz, originals and pop. 

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A New Name For 2016

Welcome to our new website and our new name, “Anna and the Deeper Well.”  It’s been a long time coming (11 years…) but we have finally chosen a name that we feel represents who we are and our vision for our band.  We are still very much Anna and Milovan + Luke, but with a name that doesn’t make people go into a panic when they have to introduce us.


We went through many variations before settling upon Anna and the Deeper Well and here is why it stuck….Milovan is a rock star by night, but during the day he runs his own business as a hydrogeologist.  He work with wells and water daily.   If you have seen us before you know he is the rock of our group and just as a well is the life spring of water, he is the life spring of our music! Secondly, while we play original music, we love to perform covers.  Most of these covers are songs from decades past.  We go deeper in the well to really find the good stuff and try to bring new life to old songs.  And lastly, this name pays homage to one of our favorite artists, Emmylou Harris.  She along with other greats such as Eva Cassidy and Bonnie Raitt have inspired us along this road of music making.  We are excited for what 2016 has to bring and look forward to searching deeper in the well for inspiration and forgotten gems.